Our Vision

But all that we have accomplished is worth nothing at all unless it releases the spirit to sing and shout, to laugh and cry, to pray the primitive prayer. — Robert Shaw

We join as amateur and professional musicians to share the joy of music. We believe this is best accomplished with 60-70 dedicated singers and the world’s finest music: global, eclectic, timeless. We choose this avocation with the intent of broad promotion of the choral arts. Mingling at the well of taste and excellence, we experience and share together a world that would not otherwise be possible.

We value our rehearsal process, the community it creates and our combined growth and learning. Together we develop our unique and expressive voice, The Alpine Sound. Flexible voicing is critical in support of a broad and expanding literature base, as our performance objective is excellence with continuously improving attention to detail.

We cherish our audience members and want to perform for them creative and challenging music: tonally satisfying, home-seated in emotion and spiritually uplifting. Expanding our audience beyond friends and relatives, we address each concert season as an opportunity to explore exciting new frontiers that provide artistic growth and delight for members and audience alike. Concerts are timely and, when possible, reflect current events and global issues.

We desire to grow geographically, selecting venues to optimize our music and widen our audience base throughout metropolitan Denver, broader Colorado and neighboring states. To achieve this growth we must meet the needs of an evolving membership and performance world, by establishing and maintaining a sound financial base, effective and dynamic leadership, and a search for dedicated and fine singers who will grow musically in an intense choral setting.


Alpine Chorale Board Members
President Sue Runge
Executive Director Christa Geyer
Secretary Carryl Robinson
Treasurer Bud Werner
Additional Board Members Tom Biddle, Tami Lack Crawford, Kelly Mailly, Devon Moyer, James Park, Jackie Rauch-Janociak, Jan Spies, Rick Thorne

Director, Assistant Conductor, Accompanist & Director Emeritus

Dr. Chad Clark
Dr. Chad ClarkMusical Director
John Miller
John MillerAssistant Director
Molly Brennan
Molly BrennanAccompanist
Lee Egbert
Lee EgbertDirector Emeritus