The ALPINE CHORALE Community Choir is searching for its next Artistic Director and Conductor

Description: this is a part-time paid position directing and programming for an auditioned adult SATB ensemble.

About us:

The Alpine Chorale is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in the spring of 1998 and located in Arvada, CO. We come together as a group of 55-70 both amateur and professional musicians as well as diverse individuals to share the joy of music. The chorale was under previous direction of Dr. Lee Egbert (founding director), Dr. Pat Patton, and more recently Dr. David Farwig.  We perform a wide variety of music both accompanied and a cappella, and our future programs will continue to present music exciting to singers and listeners. Mingling at the well of taste and excellence, we experience and share a world that would not otherwise be possible, with the intent of a broad promotion of the choral arts. We value our rehearsal process and especially the community it creates along with our combined growth and learning in an environment that is welcoming of ALL and creates a warm, humorous, and open environment. We cherish our audience members and want to perform for them creative and challenging secular and sacred music: tonally satisfying, seated in emotion, and spiritually uplifting. We have toured internationally and statewide. To achieve this growth we must meet the needs of an evolving membership and performance world, by establishing and maintaining a sound financial base, having effective and dynamic leadership, and searching for dedicated and fine singers who will grow musically in an intense choral setting. We rehearse on Monday evenings from 7:00-9:30.

Staff includes: paid assistant director, accompanist, and manager

Other details:

  • Extensive Choral Library
  • SCFD Funding for the past 20 consecutive years
  • Frequent collaborative concerts

Overview of Duties and Responsibilities of the Artistic Director and Conductor:

  • Leading the choir in weekly rehearsals (on Monday evenings from 7:00 – 9:30), including any advance preparation needed to ensure productive rehearsals
  • Preparing music for concert(s) and arrange order for performance in collaboration with the Board
  • Directing the choir for choral performances as needed or required by the program
  • Running bi-annual Auditions and annual (Fall) Saturday Workshop/Retreat
  • Attending monthly Executive Board Meetings and any Music Committee meetings, as needed
  • Maintaining appropriate professional decorum at all rehearsals, performances and other times the choir is assembled
  • Building membership
  • Improving overall tone quality and sense of ensemble in the chorale
  • Speaking in public
  • Using technology to communicate through phone, email, writing letters and memos
  • Meeting strict deadlines

Preferences for Eligible Candidates:

Fostering a desire among choir members for musical excellence while maintaining a cooperative, welcoming, warm, humorous, and friendly atmosphere and incorporating the following:

  • Having sensitivity and great compassion
  • Realizing that music is life / what we do is about much more than performing (ability to express a philosophy of music as healing/art/etc.)
  • Striving to improve a large group of diverse individuals and bring them closer together, both emotionally and musically
  • Connecting the chorale to the “world stage” or national networks for possible future tours, etc.
  • Having the ability to demonstrate and teach good vocal technique
  • Having knowledge of languages and diction

Required Experience and Skills:

Experience conducting choir(s) comparable in scope to an adult SATB ensemble is required. A BA or advanced degree in music or music education. An ability to teach and lead singers at a variety of skill and knowledge levels and age levels will be essential.

Salary Range:  $12,000 – $14,000

Application Instructions:

Please submit a resumé and 2-3 letters of reference via email to Paula Gilbert at by July 27, 2022.  Interviews will begin ASAP. Auditions will be at the end of August or early September.